Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Review Monday

Revivwed by Cat Patrick – ARC provided by the publisher

                With a name like Daisy, one would have a hard time believing that bees could be so deadly.  However, in this book, the first two pages have Daisy being stung by a bee and dying on the first day of a new-to-her school.   One thought running through her mind during her dying is that she thinks she could be friends with one of the girls watching her pass away.  By the third page she is alive and on her way to a new life in a different state and city with a new last name.
                How does this happen?  She is part of a small group of research test subjects for a drug called Revive.  It all started when she was four and the bus on which she was riding plowed off a bridge due to a vehicle crossing the center line.  14 of the 21 people on the bus were revived.  All of the students and their parents were relocated to other parts of the country and all of them must complete a thorough physical and mental exam every year.
                Daisy was an orphan before the bus crash so she was placed with two of the agents involved in the research trial.  Matt, one of the agents, believes that Daisy should have open access to the test data.  Daisy doesn’t usually spend too much time with the data or making friends but when she is befriended by Audrey who ends up being the sister of the hot boy, Matt, in English class and learns that Audrey is dying of cancer she decides to ‘read’ Matt into the program.  While showing Matt the program records she finds record number 22.  She wonders about it at the time but must stop looking quickly when the agents return home.  When she goes back to do more research on case 22 the file is gone and she begins to notice other strange activity and coincidences as the story continues.  Meanwhile she faces the dilemma whether or not to try Revive on Audrey.
                When I started reading this book, I thought it would be a typical girl meets new best friend with hot brother but she’s dying kind of book.  Teens that like this type of book will enjoy reading Revived.  However the final chapters put this book into the mystery and suspense category and will appeal to readers of that genre as well.
 Submitted by Wendy Lamos, Teacher Librarian, West Fork CSD, Sheffield and Rockwell, IA