Friday, May 4, 2012

Funding for Libraries still in works

I got this from the ILA membership - I think it's good news?

Keep working on contacting your legislators about Learning Express. It's good stuff.


Legislative News!
A proposed compromise for the Education Budget Conference Committee has been reached – this compromise restores $500,000 in funding to the Enrich Iowa programs. The proposed budget also merges the separate funding lines of the previous State Library and Library Service Areas into one budget line. 
We do need to continue to contact our Legislators regarding the $150,000 for Learning Express Library funding.  Learning Express Library is an online resource which helps people improve their job skills and vocational test-taking ability.  It provides more than 800 interactive practice tests, tutorials and e-books.
Thanks so much for your great advocacy work so far.  Keep up the amazing work communicating with our Legislators regarding Iowa’s Libraries. 
Thanks, Sarah
Sarah Willeford – ILA Governmental Affairs Committee, Chair

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