Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Introduction of Blog and REQUEST FOR MEMBERS

 Dear Fellow Teacher Librarians:
As some of you may have noticed, we have a new website!


We have moved to Blogger, where we have created an interactive publication that should be more in-line with what some of you are doing and what all of you may need.

Here are five things the new website has:
1 - A Blog Roll listing blogs of Iowa Teacher Librarians.

2 - Reviews and daily book quotes from librarians around the state

3 - A resource page that lists Links to School Library web sites around the state, as well as contact information for AEAs and Public Libraries.

4 - A list of recent posts on #iowatl, Iowa Teacher Librarians on Twitter.

5 - Links to lessons and resources that many of you may find useful.

Part of this new page is a result of our rethinking what the IASL Publications Committee should be.

We are currently looking for a few people who can help out with this. Members of the Publications Committee will:

 *   Help manage the IASL website
 *   Feed information to the IASL website and to the ILA Catalyst
 *   Strategize a future for IASL publications
 *   Maintain regular and routine communications with other Committee members.
 *   Work on annual report for IASL Spring membership meeting.

If you are interested in this, please email me. I welcome any and all comments. If you see anything you want on the IASL web page, also, feel free to email me. And if you do not see your name or blog on the list, please email me at iaslwebpage@gmail.com<mailto:iaslwebpage@gmail.com>

Sam Garchik
Librarian, 7-12, Regina Catholic Education Center
Chair, Publications Committee, IASL