Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Volunteers for Children's Lit Advisory Board

Dear colleagues,

Open Learning Exchange.org  is looking for volunteers to serve on a children's literature advisory board to create an online library for their project in Ghana.  We're asking for a one year volunteer commitment with a monthly online meeting with other children's literature experts across the country. Meetings will include the development of a library for teachers to build curriculum.  We need librarians who have an expertise in various genres and informational areas that bring the world to remote classrooms.

OLE (www.ole.org) is developing a worldwide network of 100+local grassroots organizations [OLE Centers] committed to providing universal basic education in their nation by 2015.  OLE is in the process of developing a multilevel digital library network designed to make high quality open learning resources available to all children, even in the most remote parts of the world. The OLE Library Network is designed to work from the global to the personal levels.  We are trying to build a group of experts in children's literature who will meet online periodically.

This is a voluntary position with meetings held virtually to discuss children’s literature that will be used in the curriculum development process in Ghana.  OLE Ghana is focused on improving the quality of elementary-level teaching, especially in those areas of the country with teachers who have a minimum of training as teacher.  It’s an exciting project and we are hoping to form an advisory group with expertise in curriculum connections to children’s literature.  By choosing materials that teachers can use in their classrooms, we hope to develop a free and open source children’s library that can be accessed using OLE’s technology.

By “free” we mean that any person or group of persons may use the curricula and related materials on OLE libraries without paying a fee. Normally the creators of such materials have licensed them under a Creative Commons license making such use free of any charges.There may be occasions where a world-wide license fee, without limit of time ,is paid to the creator of a given set of materials in order for it to be used in that way.

By “open source” we mean that the portions of the content can be extracted from the materials and mixed with other materials to create “new” content. In most such cases, the origin of the source materials must be closely identified with those materials. The license terms may, or may not, include a prohibition for “commercial use” by which is meant that the original material cannot be sold as a part of a new package, for commercial purposes.

The advisory group will be collaborating on methods to acquire books to establish a children’s library in English that can be then translated by local teachers and librarians to use in their classroom curriculum.

This is such an exciting opportunit y– to benefit children in Ghana and enable them to acquire at least a basic education, to provide them with an opportunity to develop an intellectually and economically strong life.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact me at the email address below.  We are hoping to establish a board within the next month or so to utilize funding that is becoming available.  More details about the project or about the Open Learning Exchange and its projects can be found at www.ole.org.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Gerri Fegan, MLIS

President, NESLA