Sunday, July 22, 2012

Get Involved

By Becky Johnson
President, IASL

A refreshing meeting of highly energized teacher librarians took place on Sunday and Monday, July 15-16, at The Hotel at Kirkwood. On those days, eight dedicated IASL members joined me to review our accomplishments so far this year and plan for next year. We were participating in the “annual” board retreat.  

Those of us sitting around the table were giving up some of our summer vacation because we feel we can make a difference. We made the decision to “get involved” in supporting strong school library programs for all Iowa students.

Some of you are already involved, perhaps as a reader for one of the Iowa book awards. That’s perhaps the most common way to help.

We have several committees that could use members – Publications, Advocacy, Professional Development, and Membership, to name a few. Perhaps you would like to submit a book review or a blog post for this very page! None of these committees require a large time commitment, particularly the more members that get involved.

We also have elected positions you may want to consider.

Please take a minute to complete the Google survey on this page. Click “Do You Want to Get Involved?” and let us know how you can help.

Monday, July 16, 2012

IASL Board Summer Retreat

The IASL board met at the The Hotel at Kirkwood Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Sunday July 15 and Monday July 16 to review activities from the past year and plan for the coming year. 

Lots of great things planned. Stay tuned!

Front row left to right: Jean Donham, Sue Inhelder, Erin Feingold

Back room left to right: Kathy Kaldenberg, Sam Garchik, Becky Johnson, Susan Feuerbach, Carol Van Hook

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nominations for ILA Awards


Each year ILA recognizes member achievements through its awards program. The 2012 Awards Committee, chaired by Dale Vande Haar, Ph.D, MLS, MSE, seeks nominations for this year's awards.

For all nominations, complete the online ILA Awards and Honors Nomination Form.  Support documents can be sent to Denise Ballesteros via email, fax or mail.
525 SW 5th Street, Ste. A
Des Moines, IA 50309
Fax: 515-309-4576

The Awards Presentation will take place during the ILA Annual Conference in Dubuque this October.  

Below are descriptions of the five Iowa Library Association Awards:

AWARD #1: Member of the Year
 -  M ust include three to ten letters of recommendation and support for your nomination.
This award is conferred upon a librarian, trustee, friend or institutional member of the Iowa Library Association. The award shall be based upon such activities or accomplishments as the following:
•    Outstanding service to the Iowa Library Association
•    Community library betterment through broadened scope and quality of service
•    Contribution to any area of service benefiting library users
•    Distinguished service to libraries: outstanding participation in activities of a professional library association; notable publications and productions; creative work in interpreting the library to the community.
•    Leadership in education and in-service training for librarians or trustees
•    Extension of library services through cooperation
•    Improvement in library techniques or management
•    Development of library facilities

AWARD #2: Citation of Merit
This award is conferred upon individuals who have made outstanding contributions to quality library services or who have advanced the principles of quality library service to the community. This award may be given to a group of people or an individual. The recipient(s) will have influence and reputation beyond the local community. Either the nominee or the person making the nomination must be a member of the Iowa Library Association.

AWARD #3: Honorary Member Award
This lifetime award is given by the Association to a non-ILA member to recognize meritorious achievement.

AWARD #4: Ted Anderson Library Advocacy Award

This award is given to an individual in recognition of outstanding leadership in the Iowa Legislature.

AWARD #5: Lifetime Membership Award
This award is given to ILA Members of twenty-five years or more upon their retirement. Please notify the ILA office if you qualify for this award.