Sunday, July 22, 2012

Get Involved

By Becky Johnson
President, IASL

A refreshing meeting of highly energized teacher librarians took place on Sunday and Monday, July 15-16, at The Hotel at Kirkwood. On those days, eight dedicated IASL members joined me to review our accomplishments so far this year and plan for next year. We were participating in the “annual” board retreat.  

Those of us sitting around the table were giving up some of our summer vacation because we feel we can make a difference. We made the decision to “get involved” in supporting strong school library programs for all Iowa students.

Some of you are already involved, perhaps as a reader for one of the Iowa book awards. That’s perhaps the most common way to help.

We have several committees that could use members – Publications, Advocacy, Professional Development, and Membership, to name a few. Perhaps you would like to submit a book review or a blog post for this very page! None of these committees require a large time commitment, particularly the more members that get involved.

We also have elected positions you may want to consider.

Please take a minute to complete the Google survey on this page. Click “Do You Want to Get Involved?” and let us know how you can help.