Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How do eBooks fit into your collection?

Recently I met with the YA rep at the local Barnes & Noble store. She wanted to share with me a new program B&N was offering that would allow me to trial six Nooks for 45 days. (More to come on that subject in a future post.) 

As a member of the ILA Conference Planning Committee, the subject of eBooks was also a hot topic. In fact, IASL is sponsoring the appearance of an expert on eBooks and e-content at the October conference in Dubuque - Christopher Harris. (Watch for more on this as well)

As you know, most of us either have eBooks or are considering whether we should add eBooks to our school library collections. What role do they play in school libraries? That's something we all are trying to figure out.

New IASL board member, Carol Van Hook, proposed we use a Google survey to gather information about eBooks and the board wholeheartedly endorsed it. 

On Wednesday, Aug. 15, the survey went live and you can do your part by completing this survey. We plan to use this information to help all of us better serve their learning and reading communities in the future.

Please help us help you by clicking here: eBook Survey

Becky Johnson, 2012 IASL President