Monday, October 22, 2012

Book Review: Ashfall

Imagine you are home alone, relaxing the way you only can when the whole family is out of the house for the weekend.  Suddenly, your room explodes with fire and noise, and your entire world is turned upside down.

In Ashfall, by Mike Mullin, Alex is home alone for the weekend in Cedar Falls, Iowa, when a supervolcano erupts under Yellowstone National Park, covering a large portion of the United States with explosions and fire falling from the sky, followed by darkness and ash.  The world quickly also erupts with violence and fear.  Alex determines to travel through the ash to find his family, against all odds.

Cover image for AshfallAshfall is a great read, filled with adventure and courage in a world that seems familiar, but is completely changed.  If you are looking for end-of-the-world books like the Life as We Knew It trilogy, by Susan Beth Pfeffer, Ashfall is a great choice (and look for the sequel, Ashen Winter,  released on Oct. 16, 2012).