Friday, November 16, 2012

Book Review: UnWholly

UnWholly, by Neal Shusterman, is the sequel to Unwind.  The book continues to follow the stories of the main characters, while meeting a few new ones.

Connor-the head of the Graveyard, is plagued by insecurities that he cannot truly keep the AWOL's in his care safe
Risa-confined to a wheelchair, she is the head of the medical unit in the Graveyard, and one of Connor's few confidantes
Starkey-a new AWOL to the Graveyard, who believes he should be in charge, but is willing to bide his time
Lev-famous for being the clapper who didn't clap, but is now confined to house arrest, save for community service visits to a juvenile detention facility
Nelson-the guard  shot in the leg at the Happy Jack Harvesting Center, is now seeking revenge against all AWOL's, but particularly the Akron AWOL
Cam-a teenage Frankenstein brought to life with the parts of unwinds, who wants nothing more than a companion, but is being used to promote a larger agenda

The book is full of action and suspense, and takes a peek into the larger conspiracy behind the unwinding accord.  If you have students that loved the first book, on the Iowa Teen Award list last year, they will love UnWholly as well.