Friday, January 25, 2013

Book Review: The Spectacular Now

Sutter is everyone’s favorite party boy.  He does the crazy things no one else is willing to do: dancing like a maniac, singing Dean Martin at the top of his lungs while standing on a table, jumping into the pool fully clothed.  And of course, it helps that he always has his flask handy for a shot or two.  Sutter is a good guy, but doesn’t really ever think about the future or what he’s going to do after graduation...until he meets Amy.  Amy is like no one he has ever met, but she’s not really girlfriend material.  Sutter sets on a quest to “fix” Amy, but things go further than he ever dreamed they would.  What will the future hold for Sutter and Amy?

The Spectacular Now, by Tim Tharp, is a book about maintaining relationships in the midst of addiction.  Sutter is a good guy, but he refuses to see that he has a problem with his drinking and how it affects everyone around him.  The tone of the novel reminds me of an Ellen Hopkins book, where you can see a person going on a downward spiral throughout the book, but the character can’t see it themselves.  This book does have some questionable language, and mentions of sex, drinking, and drugs, so I would not recommend it for younger students or students that are uncomfortable reading about these issues.   The movie for the book should be out sometime this year, with accolades from the Sundance Film Festival.  

The Spectacular Now-IMDB

Sundance: 'The Spectacular Now' is a lovely and original teen