Monday, January 7, 2013

Book Review: Stork

Katla has moved from sunny California to freezing Minnesota after her parents’ divorce, and everything is strange.  The people are strange, their clothing is strange, and everyone thinks she is strange.  But things get stranger still when one night, she stumbles upon a mysterious meeting, and is inducted as a member of the Stork Society.  As a Stork, Katla will help decide where the souls of unborn children will reside, and which women from the town will carry these children.  It’s a unique responsibility that opens her eyes to the possibility of other strange things going on in town.  Not to mention trying to fit in at school, dealing with the attractive but argumentative farm boy Jack, and coping with the separation of her parents!

Stork is written by Wendy Delsol, an author currently residing in Des Moines.  Her debut work is beautifully written, and has received many positive reviews.  I found it to be very accessible and unique, and I would recommend it for fantasy lovers (perhaps more towards female fantasy readers), but it’s also very appropriate for readers of realistic fiction that like just a touch of fantasy.  I would describe it as a cross between Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series, with Nordic mythology, and a Sarah Dessen novel.  The next two books in the trilogy, Frost and Flock, were also released this fall.