Sunday, January 27, 2013

Great advice for conference goers

First on your agenda should be to make plans to attend the IASL spring conference April 7 & 8 right here in Iowa, but if you are thinking ahead, you should check out the mother of all library conferences, ALA annual, which is going to be held within easy driving distance from us this summer.
If you have never been to an ALA annual conference, this is a great opportunity and it will blow your mind. 

These statistics are from the American Library Association's web site.

Total attendance is approximately 25,000, typically including 18,000 paid registrant(including full, one-day and exhibits-only registrants) plus exhibitor staff, ALA staff and guests.

The ALA Annual Conference includes the largest library-oriented tradeshow or exhibition in the world, typically 1500 booths (approximately 950 exhibitors), requiring an average of 350,000 gross square feet of convention center space (including the space for aisles, food service, etc.)