Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lobby from Home Day

Did you know that the Iowa Library Association’s lobbyists, Amy Campbell and Craig Patterson are out there advocating for school libraries? 

One of the points that Amy and Craig are currently focusing on is convincing legislators to Recognize the important role Iowa teacher librarians play in developing 21st century information and digital literacy skills” and to "ensure that teacher librarians remain part of the education team in all Iowa schools.”

This statement is especially relevant to our role in the implementation of the Common Core Curriculum Standards.  While Teacher Librarians are not mentioned by name in the new standards, we can certainly recognize ourselves and our capacity to teach many of the 21st Century skills (find more in this SLJ article about where we fit).

But remember, we can’t leave all of the advocacy up to Craig and Amy.  You can show your support for this important statement and others being advanced by the ILA by participating in the 2013 ILA Lobby from Home Day. On Wednesday, February 6th, contact your legislators by phone or email to show your support. 

Imagine legislators opening their inboxes to find hundreds of emails in support of Iowa’s libraries and phones ringing consistently throughout the day with a message of the importance of library programs in the lives of our students. What an impact we can make if we all just do a little something! Find your legislator's contact info here.

Prepare your talking points and check out the ILA Legislative Agenda here.