Wednesday, April 10, 2013

School Library Snapshot Day

Back in 2011, ALA promoted Library Snapshot Day - librarians across the nation were invited to participate by taking photos throughout one regular day at your library and share them with the world. Well, here in Iowa, we'd like to resurrect this idea!

Pick any day in April (School Library Month) to take photos of your library and its users all day long. Then, upload them - either to our group Flickr page mentioned here, or to your own site and share the link here.

 These photos are a great advocacy tool. A picture is worth a thousand words, so think how many words an album can say about our library programs and what they contribute to student learning! 

Bonus: these photos make a great addition to your monthly newsletter (perhaps a photo essay?) and to your annual library report!

Bonus #2: other Teacher Librarians and administrators can get a peek at what libraries across the state are up to and inspire some great ideas! Get your camera ready!