Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Iowa Vision for School Libraries - Call for Submissions

Vision for Iowa’s School Libraries
Iowa’s best schools have library programs that engage the entire school community to elevate the learning experience for all.  Teacher librarians are uniquely trained and strategically positioned to
  • teach students to think critically and  independently to construct new understanding and insights from varied information sources;
  • lead and embrace the integration of technology to enhance learning
  • connect communities of learners in virtual and physical spaces
  • collaborate with the school community to design and enact rigorous learning experiences and participate as positive digital citizens
  • maximize access to quality print and digital resources
  • champion and support the reading life of students
  • nurture curiosity to develop in students a passion for learning for life

A department of education task force has been working hard to craft this concise and modern vision for Iowa School Libraries.  But a plain old vision statement just won't do, no matter how great the verbs - so to make the statement more effective and more interactive, the task force is collecting submissions for videos to represent the reality of each of these points.
Before school is over, produce a short video that illustrates one or two of the above statements.  
Guidelines for submissions:
  • Videos should be one minute in length or shorter
  • Videos should directly connect to a specific role described in the vision document (teach, lead, connect, collaborate, maximize, champion, or nurture)
  • Videos should begin with a five second graphic designed for the specific bulleted item they illustrate (provided by the Task Force and available for download at links below this post).
  • Videos should  have a second five-second graphic that serves as credit for the video, including: Producer, School District, and date of production.  Blank video will be provided for editing.
  • When speakers are featured in the clips, they should be identified in a text box at the bottom of the screen.
  • Voice-over narration is encouraged when footage of environment is silent
  • “Talking heads” (a person speaking directly into the camera) should be used carefully and only when that is the best way to demonstrate the library’s value.
  • Videos featuring children should have accompanying permissions from parents or guardians.

Submissions are Due June 15th.  Click here for full details on creation and submission.