Thursday, May 2, 2013

Iowa Legislation & the State Survey

If you have not heard, HF 472 passed the legislature and was signed by our governor this week.  This legislation adds several school positions to the list of staff members that can be shared with another school district and the school districts involved will be given extra weighting per student.  School Librarian was one of the positions added to this list.  Although this may enable some small school districts to increase their teacher librarian time in district, I think that this legislation will cause a lot of school districts to cut their teacher librarian time, share with another district and get extra money from the state.  

State survey-

The Iowa state survey has been revamped and is going out from your AEA to be completed by June 15. They have tried to make it easier to fill out.  For example the page asking us how much time we spend on each library duty has been changed to Yes/No answers.  Keep your eyes out for news from your AEA.

As we work toward the end of the school year, doing inventories, filling out purchase orders, writing grants, and making plans for next year, please keep in mind ways you can advocate for your program.  An end of the year report to the principal is a great way to remind him or her why you are an important asset to the school. Include some data that you can make available to them digitally.  Most principals do an end of the year report to the superintendent.  Wouldn't it be great if graphs or data from the library was included in that report?

Susan Feuerbach

IASL President