Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Iowa Teacher Librarians Participate in Leadership Academy

 Seventeen Teacher Librarians from across Iowa were selected to participate in the IASL/ABC-Clio Leadership Academy held in Coralville in late June. The academy was funded through a grant from the American Association of School Librarians and was aimed at Teacher Librarians who have been in the profession for five years or less.

The two-day academy stressed the development of skills in teamwork, effective communication and increasing self-awareness. Participants focused on "leaning-in" to leadership roles, working with our communities, and being more effective advocates in our own schools and districts, as well as in professional organizations.

Sam Miller, superintendent of the Solon Community Schools, was the keynote speaker for the event; his speech was titled. “The Teacher Librarian As Leader.”  Miller places a great deal of importance on the relationship between Teacher Librarians and administrators in leadership roles and urged participants to "train" our principals on what school librarians can do.

Other speakers at the academy included Kathy Kaldenburg of Solon, Ernie Cox of Prairie Point, Denise Rehmke of Iowa City, Susan Feuerbach on behalf of IASL, and Nancy Medema on behalf of the state library. Each panelist spoke about an aspect of their career as librarians as it pertains to leadership - attending professional conferences, becoming active in professional organizations, partnering with other librarians and communicating with other leaders throughout education.