Monday, July 22, 2013

The Unboring Board Meeting

The IASL Executive Board met Sunday July 21 and Monday July 22 for the summer retreat! What did the board members find the most exciting?

Susan Feuerbach

I am always excited to work with passionate teacher librarians.  The programs we are planning to excite and encourage new and present members is something I am anxious to see come to about this year.

Christine Sturgeon

I’m so invigorated after spending two days with these great teacher librarians.  I’m especially excited about the Welcome Wagon program we are spearheading to connect new members with a IASL member who serves in a similar position across the state.  We are stronger together.

Becky Johnson

We came across with a common voice and sense of pride about what we do, and what we can do. It's great to be around people with so much energy in one room. I love the idea of lowering the registration fee for members to attend our annual conference in April.

Sue Inhelder

It was refreshing to share ideas of ways our organization can benefit our members and I’m excited about creating an archive of IASL history to document the early chapters of our organization.

Alicia Patten
Awards Committee

I am most excited about sharing out information with IASL Teacher Librarians about the Outstanding Library Award. There are many excellent and outstanding library programs across Iowa. Giving recognition to their dedication and hard work will be exciting!

Diane Brown
Chair, Membership Committee

I am excited to have so many new ideas for the membership committee.  It was great to work in the company of such such smart, talented teacher librarians.  

Chelsea Y. Sims
Chair, Advocacy

I am excited about so many things - especially getting our organization’s amazing abilities out in the spotlight!

Kathy Kaldenberg
Professional Development

On two gorgeous summer days, IASL board members donated their time to reflect on the past year’s successes and to make goals for the next year. I am so lucky to be a part of this dynamic team and I am really looking forward to the coming months working with IASL and its dynamic membership.

Amy Power

While working collaboratively in a collective group environment, we were able to pinpoint issues and needs for the organization so we can work together to move forward in a progressive manner.  It will be interesting to see the ideas turn into action.

AASL Affiliate Assembly Representative
We celebrate a cohort of new leaders fresh from the IASL Leadership Academy and ready to share their talents in their schools, in our association, in our state, and beyond.