Thursday, November 21, 2013

AASL Concurrent Session: What Does the Research Say?

What Does the Research Say? (F1-R27)

ESLS-juried papers to be presented include: School Libraries as Innovative Spaces: Stimulating Student Creativity and Inventive Thinking; College Research: What Can We Learn from First-Year College Assignments; School Librarians’ Experience with Evidence-Based Library and Information Practices; and Can a First Year School Librarian Be a Technology Leader?
Ruth V. Small, Professor
Jean Donham, Professor
Jennifer Richey, Assistant Professor
Maria Cahill, Assistant Professor
Marcia A. Mardis, Associate Professor
Nancy Everhart, Associate Professor
Strand: Research
Target Audience:
School Librarians; Administrators; Classroom Teachers; Library Supervisors; Higher Education; Curriculum Specialists; Students; Technology Coordinator; Public Librarians working with Children and Young Adults
Grade Level(s):
K–3; 4–6; Middle/Junior; High

Notes from Current Research Presentations

Ruth Small
School libraries as innovation spaces.
Self determination theory of dece or deci
Use intrinsic motivation inventory.
Research question 2 what are students information needs during the innovation?
Most helpful... Web, youtube, etc
Least ... Databases, books, School library...
People most helpful... Parents, teacher
Least...  School librarian ... only 5 percent
Question about how school librarians could help
Students said...Help identify best quality sources...
Conclusion ... We Could have space in library devoted to fostering creativity and critical thinking... Innovation spaces, or makerspaces

Jean Donham’s
First year college assignments
Themes of assumption in college,first year assignments.
Assume students can pick out what is interesting and exciting for them
Assume students can figure out on their own about how many sources they need for the paper assigned.
Assumed students were able to determine authoritative sources.
No mention of technology. Were all traditional assignments ...writing a paper.
Implications from high school assignments
Arriving at own line of inquiry
Supporting argument with evidence
Self reliance
-Karla Krueger

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