Tuesday, November 19, 2013

AASL Preconference...A Sampling Of Workshops

Mission: "Promises to help school library professionals rise to the challenges of their careers" (ALA News).

Here is the link for all the Preconference Workshops

From our on the scene reporters...

Instructional Partnerships that Deliver Success: Meeting the Leadership Challenge Judi Moreillon, facilitator.

Job-embedded professional development.  One benefit that can happen from the collaboration of teachers and TLs, is that individual, face to face PD can occur.  If "elevating the instructional practice of teachers" is an goal, when two professionals are working together, this can happen!  When asked who we (teacher librarians) primarily serve, students or teachers, most say "students."  However if we consider our role in serving teachers, ie. collaborating with them, planning instruction with them, suggesting and teaching new tools, resources, strategies, the effect, power, and impact, could be greater.  (See Ken Haycock study).
-Denise Rehmke

-Deanna Weber

Preconference ESLS Educators of School Librarians Research Symposium 

Focused on an analysis of all states DE teacher evaluation tools and what they mean for TLs. Heard about Tennessee and how Race to the Top influenced teacher evaluation there, which includes school Librarians and also has 50 percent of evaluation based in student achievement scores. Areas of assessment for teachers and for TLs -- planning, environment, and instruction. Very structured defined emphasis on specific components of instruction also required for observation.

In Virginia, have 7 professional teaching standards.  One is student achievement. A survey asked TL s how they were going to meet that, if through setting goals for student achievement or if they were going to set program goals such as about how much instruction was done. Some TL s used student academic achievement goals tied to state standards i.e. selecting student standards from core.

Discussion sought researchable questions and methodologies. Ideas proposed were to learn state by state about how the CCSS is changing our information literacy curriculum as we share more objectives with literacy teachers? And how might we become prepared for requirements for evaluation if based on students assessment.
-Karla Krueger