Monday, November 18, 2013

Bringing the AASL National Conference in Hartford, CT home to Iowa

This post is the first in a series of ongoing reports linking us to the happenings in Hartford. To help get us started check out the links below to gain access to multiple perspectives associated with the conference.

Upcoming posts will feature reports from...
  • Shannon McClintock Miller
  • Karla Krueger
  • Denise Rehmke
  • Jean Donham
  • Deanna Weber

There are a variety of social networking/ Web 2.0 options connecting us to conference information...take your pick.
AASL Conference Website
Unable to attend? Bookmark this page then return to read the digital versions. Links will also be distributed via AASL's social media channels.
Pinterest: AASL 16th National Conference and Exhibition
Twitter hashtags (Shannon McClintock Miller)
  • #AASL13
  • unconference on Friday night we will be using #AASLuncon
  • #tlchat
  • #iowatl