Thursday, November 14, 2013

#IAedcchat - Teacher Librarians & Libraries in the Digital Age

Each Sunday night on Twitter at 8 pm CST, an #IAedchat moderator guides a question/answer session that starts at 8pm and lasts an hour. The topic is decided in advance and shared via the #IAedchat hashtag prior to the weekend discussion. It's a fast moving, energetic exchange and you never know who is going to participate or what they are going to say. This effort was started by Jimmy Casas, Principal at Bettendorf High School, Matt Degner, Principal at Iowa City's South East Junior High, and Aaron Becker, Principal at Fairfield High School.

This past Sunday, the topic was the vital role 21st Century Teacher Librarians play in Iowa schools, with moderators Leanne Wagner, Chelsea Sims and Shannon Miller. The chat was attended by TLs, teachers, administrators, even superintendents from all the US - Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Texas, and New Jersey!  

Conversation centered around the following questions:
Q1: What roles do you want a 21st Century TL to assume in your school?
Q2: What would you consider the most important impact of TLs on student learning?
Q3: Where should the Teacher Librarian fit in the leadership structure of a school?
Q4: How can administrators best support a strong library program?
Q5: What do students lose when there isn't a full-time TL at each building?
Q6: What responsibility does the TL have in implementing the Common Core?
Q7: How can collaborative teaching w/ TLs and Ts best be cultivated?

Below is the full transcript, captured using the Storify Twitter tool.

Don't wait until the the next time we are invited to participate! 

When Teacher Librarians join these Sunday evening discussions, it is noticed! And even if you aren't quite ready to participate online, it is extremely valuable to follow these Question/Answer sessions to understand the concerns and issues of our Iowa administrators and teachers.

Cybraryman also has an awesome page of links on how to follow a Twitter chat: