Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book Review: Steelheart, by Brandon Sanderson

Imagine a time in the not-so-distant future where normal humans have power.  Not everyone, just a few seemingly random powerful individuals called Epics.  What kind of powers would they have?  The ability to fly, to pass through walls, to shield themselves from bullets, to read minds?  It would be great, right?

Now imagine that these people, these Epics...are evil.  Hungry for power.  And nearly invincible.

When David was a child, his father was murdered by one of the most powerful Epics, Steelheart.  He has spent his entire life covertly studying and collecting information about his father’s murderer and the other Epics, hoping to someday get his revenge.  And when a revolutionary group of resistors called the Reckoners comes to town, he may finally get his chance.

Steelheart is written by Brandon Sanderson, a prolific author who writes epic fantasies for adults (Way of Kings, Mistborn, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series) as well as penning more accessible books for young adults (Alcatraz series, Rithmatist).  Although this book is very different than his previous books, Steelheart does not disappoint.  The book is full of action and plot twists, as well as the types of creative inventions that Sanderson is known for.  This work would interest a wide variety of readers, from the normal fantasy reader, to lovers of superheroes, to students looking for action.  Readers who have enjoyed dystopian fiction such the Hunger Games series, the Uglies series, the Divergent series, or the Maze Runner series will also enjoy Steelheart.