Monday, December 16, 2013

Responsibilities of the Iowa Library Association Executive Committee

Are you aware that IASL members report at ILA exec meetings?   Members report to the ILA board about our inner workings and help them to accomplish their work in the most efficient way.  An ILA Executive Board meeting was on December 6, 2013 and our liaison Katherine Howsare submitted a report.

Iowa Library Association

Report to the Executive Board

Committee/Subdivision Name: Iowa Association of School Librarians

Committee Chair/Subdivision Chair Name: Susan Feuerbach.

Report for ILA Board Meeting Date: Dec. 6, 2013

I.     Information Items

Two new board members were elected in our online election: Dixie Forcht as vice president, president elect; Becky Johnson as AASL Delegate.

Professional Development chair Kathy Kaldenberg has organized two successful Pop Up PD events featuring the Iowa Children’s Choice and Goldfinch Award Books.

IASL sponsored three sessions at the Iowa Library Association Conference, including sessions by IASL members Jean Donham and Sam Garchik.

Becky Johnson, Christine Sturgeon and Kathy Kaldenberg represented IASL at the ILA Annual Planning Meeting in November. We discussed several preliminary partnerships with several subdivisions.

Jean Donham and Karla Krueger represented IASL at the AASL Conference in Hartford, Conn., in November.

Plans are underway for our January meeting, which we will likely do as a Google Hangout.

Plans for our spring conference in April in Cedar Rapids are under way and going smoothly. We will soon announce the keynote speaker on our web site.

II.   Discussion Items (include issues for which you desire discussion and include any recommendations)

We would like to change the organizational manual language to reflect our desire to hold our membership meeting since we have as much higher attendance by IASL members than at ILA. It is our understanding that we do not need to take any action on this but I am including our resolution and justification should it be needed. It is our understanding that we do not need to bring this before the executive board, but wanted to make you aware of it.

Here is a resolution and justification for the above item.

The Iowa Association of School Librarians would like to request an exception to the Iowa Library Association policy. We would like to hold our annual membership meeting in conjunction with your division conference, typically held in the spring.
Our justification for moving our membership meeting date is because attendance at the ILA annual conference is limited for the following reasons:
1) Few teacher librarians/media specialists are able to get permission to take time to attend professional development.
2)  The fall is a busy time for teacher librarians and few can get away for a conference in October (conferences, America Reads, open houses, Teen Read Week)
3) ITEC are typically scheduled for the same week, and ITEC is very applicable for many tech-savvy teacher librarians.
4) Spring is a better time for more teacher librarians to get away.
5) The Sunday-Monday combination that IASL has worked well for teacher librarians.

III.    Action Items (include issues that require Executive Board approval)

We ask the board to encourage our lobbyists to keep school librarians better informed about legislation impacting school libraries, including incentive money for districts and reduced budgets, and to continue to lobby for us.

Report Submitted by Becky Johnson, Past President

-A special thanks to Kathy Kaldenberg who shared information for this post.