Wednesday, January 22, 2014

LEGISLATIVE ALERT: Senate Study Bill 3031

Message from Christine Sturgeon, President, Iowa Association of School Librarians (


Senate Study Bill 3031 is a proposed bill to fund professional development services for elementary teachers to improve students’ literary skills. IASL and the Iowa Library Association believe it is vitally important that teacher librarians be included in this bill.

Find your representative here

Call or email them with the following message:

Dear Representative/Senator: As an Iowa teacher librarian, I would like to ask that you make sure that teacher librarians are specifically included in SSB 3031. As you know, teacher librarians are uniquely trained and strategically positioned to:

§  teach students to think critically and independently to construct new understanding and insights from varied information sources;
§  lead and embrace the integration of technology to enhance learning
§  connect communities of learners in virtual and physical spaces
§  collaborate with the school community to design and enact rigorous learning experiences and participate as positive digital citizens
§  maximize access to quality print and digital resources
§  champion and support the reading life of students
§  nurture curiosity to develop in students a passion for learning for life
§  the legislature has already recognized the importance of teacher librarians in the Iowa Administrative Code 12.3(12)

Thank you for getting this important message to your state senators and representatives ASAP!

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