Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Library Learning Cards

     Weekly library classes provide much needed planning time for my colleagues in the content areas.  It also provides my co-teacher (the building technology instructor) and I with an important opportunity to teach 21st century skills and understandings.  Our aim during these library/tech classes is to form a foundation students can use in content area learning. To forge these connections I attend PLC meetings, provide instructional partnership, and talk with teachers at every opportunity (the hallway conversations).  Despite all these efforts I still find that many of my colleagues are not aware of the skills students have developed in the library class or how to integrate them into content learning.  As we return from winter break I'm looking for more ways to connect the school library program to the larger school culture.

Many of our students and teachers are familiar with library cards. In fact, we issue library cards to our students. Why not add Library Learning Cards to your program offerings? At Prairie Creek we've begun giving a physical card to teachers outlining the current learning in library/tech class. This is printed on heavy card stock.

Library Learning Card

We follow up with an email containing a digital version of the card with links to reproducibles such as these student project cards and graphic organizer from a Creative Commons unit.  Teachers also have access to the detailed Understanding By Design formatted unit plan in our district curriculum mapping tool.  This tangible artifact will serve as a catalyst for future collaboration.

~contributed by Ernie Cox @erniec