Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Library Space: The Hub to the Heart of Learning

What's your school library vision or mission? I am pondering this after reading the School Library Journal article The Heart of the School: Iowa Van Meter District Plans Library Expansion.

The essential question from the article that triggered my imagination was, "what would you have in your space if you could, if nothing was holding you back?"

How can I be innovative based on who and what I am working with? How can I be aware of the infinite possibilities of now? 

Some things that I am thinking about in regards to our library...
Who we are
What we do
Whom we serve
Who is my competition
Where I want to be in one year...five years...ten years...and beyond
What can I do and how can I grade myself
What concrete steps did I take to get where I am and how can I move forward to reach goals based on the vision statement or action plan 
What kind of collection do I want users to have
What does success will I know
What does information literacy look can I connect ideas
How can I be realistic with an vision statement or action plan...who are the key people

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