Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Every Voice Needed! Contact your Legislators!

Let your legislators know how you feel about the following bills which effect our students and their School Libraries!

HF 2103 - We strongly support Representative Dolecheck's bill which stops giving financial incentives to school districts to share Teacher Librarians with other districts.  The law which originally did so was to create efficiency for schools, and this is something Teacher Librarians support.  But we are much more than an "operational function," and sharing Teacher Librarians with other districts hurts our schools and our students.

SSB 3031 - In regards to this bill pertaining to professional development services for elementary teachers to improve students' literacy skills, we ask that Teacher Librarians be specifically included.  Teacher Librarians are vital to literacy instruction in elementary schools and, as teachers, we should be included in any professional development in this area.

SSB 3150 - We oppose this bill because it continues to gives incentives to school districts for sharing Teacher Librarians.  Instead we support HF 2103. 

HF 2055 - We oppose this bill that amends Iowa public records law to mandate the release of library records of a minor child to a parent or guardian upon request.  We believe that these bills undermine Iowa's tradition of local control of public libraries with a one-size-fits-all policy, and additionally oppose this violation of the privacy of library records.