Thursday, February 20, 2014

Launch of School Library Vision Task Force...What are the next steps?

Be sure to check out the Iowa Department of Education webpage representing our vision statements and videos.

Here is a statement from Jean Donham about the updated webpage to improve school libraries in Iowa. 
"While the vision is a beginning, it provides a realistic goal for all schools, administrators, and teacher librarians."

I thought that statements from our leaders would help us make sense of our situations and help guide us to think about what direction our library programs should be heading so we can take meaningful steps to advocate for our cause. What are the first steps that we should be taking now? I posed this question to Chris Kolarik.  

"The vision purposefully speaks directly to the role the teacher librarian plays as the catalyst for effective library programs. Ultimately, it is our work with students and teachers that will be our greatest voice. Each teacher librarian must build and exhibit the skills and aptitudes articulated in the vision in order for teachers and administrators to realize the benefits of the unique skills.  Setting program goals and establishing action plans that focus on a tenet of the vision will make the work visible, doable and rewarding.  The smallest success can be a catalyst for many more, but we have to do the work."-Chris Kolarik

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