Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Becky Johnson...She Has It Covered

Becky Johnson is the lead librarian for the Cedar Rapids Community School District lead and the teacher librarian at Jefferson High School.  Becky is the Past President of IASL but she is still very active in our work through her IASL executive board position as the delegate to AASL.

Becky says, “I like the kids that I work with.  Every day is a little bit different. Every child is a little different.  Just when you are having a bad day is seems like you have a kid come up and say something that makes you realize that you do have an impact.”

Becky loves attending local, state, regional, and national conferences primarily because it is an opportunity to connect with other professionals.  Becky always learns more than she shares.  Becky says, “Don’t do what I’ve done and try to pick up so many handouts because you wind up with a sore shoulder from carrying so much stuff.  Just exchange business cards and contact information to connect later. It will spare you a lot of pain.”

Rarely will you walk into the Jefferson High School library and find it quiet.  It is not a shhhhh… kind of library and she is not a shhhh… kind of librarian.  The only librarian stereotype that Becky would like to portray is someone who works valiantly to defend all students’ freedom to read, view, or listen, or be who they are.  

Oh, and don’t forget you need to have a tattoo!  Check out her library’s website at this link: and check out one of her tattoos!

-Thanks to Diane Brown for conducting this interview!