Monday, May 5, 2014

Verne Oliver: A Guardian Angel of School Libraries

With Mother's Day on the horizon what an inspiration to us all...Verne Oliver. 

When she was 89, the former teacher spent almost 25 years transforming dozens of school libraries in underprivileged New York City schools. In a second career devoted to youth literacy, Oliver rescued otherwise deemed unusable materials from school libraries that were set to be demolished and started lending libraries.  She also created new collections and upgraded existing collections. 

 After viewing an article about Oliver bookmarked on! under the category Digital Divide & School Libraries, I decided that this entry would serve as an interim to the IASL digital divide series posts that I have been publishing and working on.  Oliver reminds us that we can put school librarianship into action.

For more information about Verne Oliver check out the links below!