Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Summer Reading Journey

We spend so much time inspiring others about the power and love for reading but what about our personal journeys and relationships with reading?  Whether we prefer reading print or electronic, non fiction or fiction, being mindful of our own reading habits is important.

During the process of reevaluating my recreational reading habits, I am making plans to follow the 5 W's of journalism to guide me as I aim to read up a storm.

Where: Anywhere
When: Anytime
Why: Why not?
What: Whatever captivates me in the moment
How: With joy

I am tapping into the KISS (keep it simple stupid) method as well.  My mom, sister and I have a friendly competition happening with plans to share our topics and page numbers we read on a weekly basis.  The best part is that we are awarding ourselves with prizes and fun outings when we reach our goals. Take some time to explore interests that you wouldn't have the time or energy to engage with during the school year.

Here are some of the areas of interest to me this summer.

  • Health and Exercise
  • Cooking
  • Feminism
  • Psychology
  • Classics
  • Tiny bit of children's and young adult literature

While researching for this post I found the website My Librarian at Multnomah County Library.
I like their format to recommend books and connect with their readers.