Wednesday, July 23, 2014

IASL Board Summer Retreat...Making Things Happen

The IASL Executive Board recently met for our summer retreat.  It wasn’t at the Harry Potter Hotel though that would have been fun.  Instead we were at the Hotel Pattee in Perry, Iowa.  This beautiful 1913 hotel has many unique rooms and special settings like the library with a copper fireplace.

 Day 1 of the IASL retreat focused on activity and committee reports from Past President Susan Feuerbach, incoming President Dixie Forcht, and current President Christine Sturgeon.  Our presidents provided details on legislative updates, advocacy, and collaborations.  Becky Johnson, AASL Affiliate Assembly chair, detailed her work on behalf of IASL at a national level.  Carol Van Hook, ILA Liason, is excited to be working in the search for a new state librarian. Awards chair, Alicia Patten, has some exciting ideas in mind that will continue to build on the enthusiasm for the Iowa Award book lists.  Publications chair, Amy Power, continues to keep our webpage looking great and up to date.  Kathy Kaldenberg, our Professional Development chair along with Kate Lechtenberg, new to the committee, are already hard at work on the 2015 IASL Spring Conference. Chelsea Sims, Advocacy chair, is spearheading the delivery of our message in many formats.

After this intense day we enjoyed dinner at the restaurant at the Hotel Pattee.  The owner personally checked with us to make sure we were enjoying our stay. Everything at Hotel Pattee was fantastic. We toured the unique rooms and admired the artwork, furnishings, and architecture before we went bowling at the Hotel.  Afterward, we soaked in the hot tub before resting up for Day 2 of the retreat, which focused on our action plans and budget for 2015.

As membership chair, I am happy to say that our membership has grown!  Thank you for being a member.  The IASL leadership team is committed to advocacy for Iowa’s students and teacher librarians. There is plenty of opportunity to join the IASL leadership team so contact us if you want to be involved!

As July winds down and we get ready to head back to school take this quiz to see how well do you know the IASL board!

Which member:
1.    Has 6 children?
2.    Has a son who is a professional wrestler?
3.    Recently found a new favorite free museum in Little Rock Arkansas at Central High School?
4.    Did not get eaten by a cougar on the Pacific Crest Trail this summer?
5.    Has 3 photos at the Iowa State Fair?
6.    Will be hosting an exchange student from China this year?
7.    Planned to stop at the Kate Shelly Bridge and antique stores on the way home?
8.    Recently celebrated her one year anniversary?

 From left to right: Diane Brown, Christine Sturgeon, Chelsea Simms Yates, Alicia Patten, Sue Feuerbach, Becky Johnson, and Dixie Forcht.

1.    Dixie Forcht
2.    Sue Feuerbach
3.    Becky Johnson
4.    Diane Brown
5.    Carol Van Hook
6.    Christine Sturgeon
7.    Alicia Patten
8.    Chelsea Simms Yates

 A big thank you to Diane Brown for writing this post!