Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Suzette Kragenbrink wins Friend of Literacy Award

Congratulations to Suzette Kragenbrink, Mount Vernon High School and Middle School librarian for being honored with the Friend of Literacy Award by the Iowa Council of Teachers of English (ICTE) at their annual conference last week!  Suzette was nominated and introduced by Joann Gage, English teacher at Mount Vernon High School.

Joann spoke passionately about the importance of keeping a teacher librarian in every school, and she said she has taken it up as her personal mission to keep librarians from being reduced or eliminated.  (Unfortunately, Suzette has had to take on the middle school this year, reducing her to half time at the high school.)  We have a great ally in Joann, and listening to her speak reminded me how important it is to encourage others to speak on our behalf!

Thanks Joann, and congrats Suzette!

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