Monday, December 8, 2014

Student Centered Learning: Teacher Librarians Are Ready to Rock!

School libraries are centered around students and learning

A recent article in the Atlantic inspired this blog post What Happens When Students Control Their Own Education.

Student Centered Learning

Sometimes ideas and practices come full circle. Call me crazy but I have supported this notion all along working as a teacher librarian. While I listen to others at educational meetings, I frequently  want to shout out, what about personal responsibility and independent learning?!

A slik-12 conversation about the TLC grant process reminds me how our unique positions can support student centered learning regardless if we are considered top and/or leadership positions in the eyes of our peers.

Connecting Academic Learning to Real World Experiences

It's about engagement....what's your motivation?

Kristen Swanson provides insight about this concept and touches on the importance of dispositions with the blog post Only 1:3 Students Are Hopeful, Engaged, and Well -It's NOT Enough

I Think That We Have It Covered


The Vision for Iowa's School Libraries covers the gamut to assist with student centered learning. Our spaces are ready to receive and support student centered learning environments. Some us are just waiting for the school community at large to embrace us!