Monday, January 26, 2015

AASL School Crisis Toolkit: Where Does Your School Stand?

Depending on where your school are some reminders of tools that may work for you. 

How are things going? I estimate that we are close to the mid point of the school year. Is the library in dire straights or are things thriving? A place to start if your school library is in dire straights...School Library Crisis Toolkit.

Evidence-Based Practice is a hot topic as of late. Since this topic was not discussed in the graduate program enrolled in, I am very curious about its applications in a school setting.  I wonder what connections if any EBP has to prosperous school library programs. If interested I recommend checking out the January/February 2015 edition of AASL's Knowledge Quest.

Infographics Galore

Make a statement and change the conversation with AASL Advocacy Resources.

Don't forget about white papers such as Causality: School Libraries and Student Success (CLASS) and personal learning networks, they may help point you in a direction that works for you and your patrons.

Good luck and my motto is just ask!