Monday, January 12, 2015

STEM/STEAM Series: Full STEAM Ahead Collaboratively with Consortiums

Where can we to start to implement STEM/STEAM? I am thinking that purchasing STEM/STEAM items and marketing them could be a starting point. 

No library can collect everything so collaborative collection development is how libraries
maximize access and stretch their budgets. 

Possible funding sources could be:
● The consortium’s overseeing body
● Individual institutional end-of-year funds
● Outside grants
● Potential donors

If each consortium developed lists of titles (print, multimedia, electronic) to spend the money then the resources could be shared. 

Next groups create target audiences for the campaigns and services or
resources you want to market. Having some sort of marketing campaign artifact and plan helps reach your designated population and makes your product marketable. 

A guide that may be useful is YALSA Wiki STEM_Resources