Thursday, February 5, 2015

Book Review: No Place to Fall, by Jaye Robin Brown

Amber lives in a little podunk town near the Appalachian Trail, and she wants to escape.  Not because she hates her small world, but because she just wants to sing.  She loves singing more than anything, but she doesn’t think she’ll ever get away and reach a bigger audience than her church on Sunday morning.  She’s known as a “good girl,” but she somehow she becomes entangled in a web between her sister’s no-good, drug-dealing husband, the new boys in town that might know too much about her, and an old friend that may become something more.  When an opportunity comes up to audition for a select music school, Amber jumps at the chance.  But will her web of bad choices prevent her from making the move she wants most in the world?

No Place to Fall, by Jaye Robin Brown, is about a good girl who makes all the wrong choices.  She has lofty dreams, but the choices she makes do not seem to be leading towards a happy ending.  No Place to Fall is appropriate for teen readers (some mature content), but overall will appeal to readers of Sarah Dessen, Susanne Colasanti, Jennifer Smith, and other young adult writers of realism/romance.