Wednesday, February 25, 2015

IASL Crisis Toolkit...Fighting for Our Jobs

As I ponder the future of school librarianship, I think that IASL needs a crisis toolkit (like the AASL toolkit) that meets the needs of teacher librarians in Iowa.

It is that time of year again with some experiencing uncertainty about the status of their jobs working as a teacher librarian in Iowa. 

The vast inequity between our positions affects us all. This problem is a huge challenge to solve. Librarians have been around since the ancient world. 

I have a feeling that awareness is key right now and that I need to tune in. 

Who is affected and where is this happening? 

What or who is getting in the way for us to become leaders in our library programs and the process of integrating technology?  We are known for being adaptable, flexible, and among the most educated in K-12 schools. Some of us being left out with our job titles/classifications/descriptions not evolving as tech integrationists concerns me.  

What can we do to help? How can we be resilient? Life can not be without difficulties, life is full of challenges.  We are resourceful and committed to our profession. 

Perhaps those of us in the boat of uncertainty need some help knowing more than best practices. We need to be able to hold on to fight another year and beyond. 

It is startling to me the lack of awareness in some of our educational communities ignoring our superhero abilities. 

I am inspired by the wisdom that surrounds us in our community but I am concerned that some of us may not have a future. 

In school librarianship that is.  Not all of us will survive the onslaught of misunderstanding our roles, perceiving us not as instructional staff, and the failure to embrace us as leaders. 

We are curious, value content and eager to share our knowledge creating a rich information rich society. 

It almost feels like an attack on our values that we hold true aligned with democracy. 

We need strength in numbers and I believe that our organizational membership numbers will be adversely affected. 

Our motto is equal access to information. Can we collectively create an IASL Crisis toolkit to support those needing help to reach their full potential as active participants in our profession? 

When it comes to fighting for our jobs I think that we need to be strategically positioned to help others in a formal way on record so we are prepared for whatever circumstances come our way. 

My opinion is that we need to create an IASL crisis toolkit. 

Thank you to everyone who supports IASL and all the people on the legislative front lines advocating for us!!!

A special shout out to Diane Martinson who inspired me to write this post.