Friday, August 14, 2015

Back to School - Starting the Year Out Right!

So much to do, and never enough time to get it all done - it's back to school time!  You have so much information to share with families, you want to connect with new teachers in your building, and you want to make sure all of the library's resources are ready to use.  

How do you communicate what the library has to offer?

Do you send out emails? Print newsletters to send home with students? Do you present information at staff meetings? Do you have a pre-made packet for new teachers?

This year, I am creating Smore flyers for teachers and for parents that includes pertinent information, which I will email and post on the library website. Because Smore flyers are so lovely, my hope is that they will be more eye catching than an email in a new teacher's inbox. They can also be bookmarked for future reference.  Most importantly, each starts with a positive welcome message that introduces the vision of our school library before moving into policies.


Check out some inspiration from this oldie-but-a-goodie article from Library Girl, Jennifer LaGarde!

And even more back to school ideas from School Library Journal!  

Share your ideas in the comments!