Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Book Review: Trouble is a Friend of Mine

Zoe thought she had enough trouble with her dad getting caught after years of cheating, and her parents’ divorce, and moving to a new town.  But that’s nothing compared to the trouble that finds her once Digby decides that Zoe will be one of his sidekicks in his misguided (or perhaps not-so-misguided?) adventures.  From stealing passcodes to spying on the neighbors, Digby has a plan that could end with all of them them in jail...or save the day and find some answers for a lingering town mystery.

Trouble is a Friend of Mine, by Stephanie Tromley, is a hilarious, romping mystery that takes the reader on wild ride, with sides of romance and teen angst thrown in.  Zoe and Digby get into scrapes that at first seem like the sort of pranks normal teens play, but the situation quickly turn sinister when they stumble upon a national drug ring involving a town doctor, a neighborhood cult, and the local drug scene, with the overarching issue of two missing girls disappearing eight years apart.  Although some of the action seems far-fetched for two “average” teenagers, the book overall is an adventure-filled comedy that will also pull at your emotions. If you have fans of comedy mixed with another genre, like books by Carl Hiassen or John Green, they will love Trouble is a Friend of Mine, by Stephanie Tromley.