Monday, November 9, 2015

It's All Fun & Games. . .

One of the ways I try to generate more foot traffic into the library is to offer the occasional contest or game. Sometimes these events are passive games; other times students work outside of school or the library to have something to enter. Likely, you've seen some of these--Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media outlets often show March Madness-like book brackets or different guessing game questions.

What I like about these events are the different opportunities they offer for both my students and me: 1) My students have a chance to win some kind of prize or to show off their creativity in ways they may not otherwise, and 2) I have a moment to individually talk with students who might not ordinarily come into the library or stop by the desk. 

Over the years we've run a variety of events, including holiday-themed contests and contest inspired by pop culture:
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We even got some of our staff involved to generate more excitement:
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Even our elementary students enjoy the different contests we run. These are mainly guessing games so our youngest students can more easily participate, and with the free posters and books our PTO donates after book fairs, we have a variety of things from which students can choose when they win.

Have you tried a contest or event to draw students into your library or to generate a buzz in the building? Be sure to share your ideas!