Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lesson: Genre Review

Earlier this year, I blogged about the change we made with the genrefication of our fiction section of the library. It has been a huge success! Our circulation is up, especially in our fiction section. I feel that students are able to find books and genres that they enjoy easier. It also helps when students come looking for a specific genre, to give them some independence. I can point them to the section of the library, and recommend a title or an author, but also allow them to explore.  

Every year in the fall, I have done a genre lesson with all the English classes. This year, this lesson was particularly important with the change that we were making to our fiction shelving. I wanted students to feel confident that they could locate books within different fiction genres.
For this lesson, I created a Google Doc. This Google Doc was shared with students through Google Classroom so each student had a copy. In the Google Doc, students identified characteristics of the genre (i.e. Fantasy- magical creatures or made up worlds). Students then went to the shelf to find a book that they might like that would fit this genre. Students then brought this book back and recorded the title and author. Students repeated the process for all the genres.  
  • I did this as a 1 period (45 minute) lesson. Our English teachers have a double block.
  • Students started on different “parts” of the activity so that students were not all on the same genre at the same time.
  • While students each filled out their own Google Doc, students worked in partners.

Here is the link to the Google Doc that I created for students.