Tuesday, January 12, 2016

3 Ways the library can be a part of MTSS

Many schools in Iowa are now using the Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports, or MTSS. MTSS, related to RTI (Response to Intervention) is a way to respond to students of all level, and offer opportunities to support the learning of all students. For many, MTSS includes an intervention block which may include reteaching skills or concepts to students who "aren't there yet," or offer extensions and enrichment for students who have mastered the original content. 

For the Teacher Librarian, MTSS is a great opportunity to be involved and help support the learning of all students in your school. Our middle school is currently using our homeroom/ advisement time 2 days each week for MTSS. Each teacher is required to pull a group of students. Here are a couple ideas and ways I am utilizing this time to working with students and to support our library program.

  1. Book Club- Once a month, I request a group of students to participate in Book club. Student come prepared having read the book, and use the MTSS time to discuss with other group members. At the end of each session, they choose their next book. The group has been very self sufficient and need minimal support from me.

  1. Goal setting & Book Choice- As part of my own Individual Teacher Professional Development Plan, I decided to focus on students who are just at proficiency but could fall below, as well as students who are just below the proficiency line but could achieve proficiency with additional help. I pull small groups of about 10 and discuss with each student the genres they enjoy and genres they feel they dislike or struggle to read. I also make individual recommendations and encourage them as readers.

  1. Project help- A third way I am using our MTSS time is to provide additional work time for projects and assignments that I am collaborating with teachers on. For some of these students, they are simply needing time (and access to computers) to finish or turn in a project. For others, I am providing additional assistance to help answer questions or to provide other resources for students that are struggling to complete an assignment or project.

Are any of you participating in an MTSS intervention block? What has worked well at your school?