Sunday, January 10, 2016

What Will You Resolve?

Ten days into the new year there are perhaps several among us who have slipped in our New Year's resolutions, but it's not too late to consider setting resolutions in your library. Maybe you could resolve. . .

  • to collaborate more with your colleagues. How can you support or reinforce their work in the classroom?
  • to create unique learning opportunities for your students. What if you tried a Google Hangout with another school or with an author? 
  • to promote quality reading materials to students and staff alike. How are you reading and promoting the state award nominees? Where do you turn for reading recommendations?
  • to try new lessons with new resources. Those ideas you've been considering? It's time! 
  • to expand your PLN. Where do you turn for support, inspiration, learning? Have you developed an online PLN?
  • to embrace technology in your space. How do you use technology to promote your work, to ease your workload, or to share with students? 
As with our personal resolutions, we may slide at times in our work, but stay focused and reflective. Your students and colleagues, as well as your professional life, are well worth the work!