Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Contact your legislator TODAY!

TODAY is ILA Lobby from Home Day!  Please take a moment today to contact your legislators and remind them how indispensable Libraries are to their communities and how important state funding is to maintaining that vital resource.   

  • More than 51,000 people visit Iowa libraries every day.   
  • Every State Senator and State Representative has one or more libraries within their district – this is a chance to remind legislators how essential libraries and library services are to their communities and their constituents. 
  • State funding reaches and benefits all Iowans through their School Libraries, Public Libraries, Academic Libraries and Special Libraries. 
  • It’s clear that Iowans depend on their libraries for internet access, early literacy programming for young children, homework assistance, health care information and, especially now, resources for job searches, career development, and education.  
  • To support these vital services, the Iowa Library Association asks the General Assembly to fully fund Enrich Iowa and retain their funding commitment for the State Library & Iowa Library Services.

During legislative sessions, Iowa state senators can be reached at Iowa Senate, Statehouse, Des Moines, Iowa 50319; call (515) 281-3371. Iowa state representatives can be reached at Iowa House of Representatives, Statehouse, Des Moines, Iowa 50319; call (515) 281-3221.

The Iowa Library Association, founded in 1890, is the organized voice of the Iowa library community. Its members come from every county of the state and sustain Iowa’s 1500 public, academic, school, and special libraries.

Alison Ames Galstad
President, Iowa Library Association