Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hearing and Seeing the Iowa Children's Choice Award

Now that the Iowa caucus is over let's focus on another vote coming soon (March 30th) - the Iowa Children's Choice Award. Before students cast their ballots I'm making a final push to promote these great titles. Thanks to the ICCA committee you can use the ready-made bookmarks (some assembly required), Youtube playlist of book trailers, or one of the MANY promotional ideas in this Pop-Up PD episode.

For this round of promotional sessions I'm relying on the resources in (You know we all have statewide access to this great resource thanks to our AEAs - right? ) After logging into Teachingbooks with your district email address the custom Iowa award lists are only a few clicks away. Here I use the example of the ICCA. All of the award lists are available.
Browse -> Booklist

click on Iowa lists

all lists are available including ICCA

We view the main landing page for the list. We discuss cover art (because kids DO judge books by the covers*) and what genres are represented.

partial screenshot of the main list page
In addition to book trailers and professionally produced audiobook excerpts Teachingbooks creates custom content in the form of Meet-The-Author Book Readings and Name Pronunciations.
Meet-The-Author  Readings offer us an opportunity to hear directly from the author.  In this recording Kate Messner talks about the inspiration for Capture The Flag and then she reads an excerpt of the book.

After we look, listen, and discuss a few titles I post the entire list to our Google Classroom and give students the opportunity to browse and discover.

*Speaking of book covers - have you seen this TED talk by Chip Kidd?