Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Free Reading - A Snapshot

Readers of the IASL blog were very generous with details about free reading in their schools. THANK YOU.  Below are the high points.

*"Other" represents schools where free reading occurs but not daily.

No time - Free reading is not happening in high school. Only five of the 39% were middle or elementary.  What is going on in high school?!  One person explained it this way "We used to do this but the demands of Common Core and other district initiatives have made this no longer a priority" 

The good news - There are several schools that devote more than 25 minutes per day to free reading.  As one respondent said "We've made this a priority and I feel it will pay off in the very near future"

A hodge podge of priorities seems to be the story in this snapshot. How do we explain this inconsistent approach from one school to the next? How do we expand free reading across the grades and in more districts?