Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Get to know the board! Val Ehlers

Val Ehlers is the K-12 Teacher Librarian at Gladbrook-Reinbeck and Grundy Center schools and the 5-6 drama teacher in Grundy Center.  She is starting her 6th year as a TL and has been in education for 26 years as a 7-12 English, drama, speech, debate, reading, and TAG instructor.  Val keeps busy as a speech and drama coach for both schools..  Val enjoys spending time watching her son play on the ISU Baseball Club Traveling Team, and watching her daughter compete in cross-country, basketball, track, and softball.

Val was elected to serve as an At-Large Board Member and ILA Liaison.  What exactly does that mean?  Well, here are her duties!

At-Large Board Member——ILA Liaison
This is an elected position with a three year term.
  • Serve as liaison to ILA.
  • Coordinate with ILA Board liaison.
  • Report at each board meeting about ILA Board activity of interest to IASL.
  • Attend board meetings as voting member of the board.
  • Appointments as requested by the board
  • ILA IF representative
  • IRRC Liaison
  • ILA Liaison

She has also served as our Conference Planning Committee Representative.

ILA Conference Planning Committee Representative
This is not a board position, but a position appointed by ILA.

  • Attend the ILA Planning Meeting in November and participate in ILA Conference Planning Committee meetings throughout the year for the October ILA Conference.
  • Suggest/submit proposals for a pre-conference for the ILA conference, if IASL intends to sponsor a pre-conference.
  • Solicit and submit proposals for IASL-sponsored concurrent sessions for the next ILA October conference.
  • Advocate for programming of interest to school librarians at the ILA conference.
  • Submit a budget to the IASL President at or before the November ILA Planning meeting.
  • Communicate with other committee members, potential speakers and IASL Board.
  • Report to IASL Board developments from the ILA Conference Planning Committee meetings.
  • Collect speaker information.
  • Write articles for publication on speakers and presentations.

Sound like something you'd be interested in? Fill out this form to express interest in running for an At-Large position or in serving as an ILA Conference Planning rep!