Monday, September 19, 2016

Get to know the Board! Becky Johnson

Becky Johnson has been active in IASL for many years. She currently is Iowa's delegate to the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Affiliate Assembly. She is a past president of IASL and also served as publications chair prior to that. She loves advocating for school library programs and networking with other teacher librarians across the state and nation.

Becky is in her first year as Teacher Librarian at Wilson Middle School in Cedar Rapids and serves as a curriculum facilitator for the Cedar Rapids Community School  District. This is her 17th year as a Teacher Librarian, including 16 years at Jefferson High School in Cedar Rapids.  

She earned her Master's in School Library Media Studies from the University of Northern Iowa in December 2003.   

Becky is an At-Large Board Member and our AASL Affiliate.  What does the AASL Affiliate do, exactly?

At-Large Board Member/Affiliate Assembly Delegate
This is an elected position with a three-year term.

  • Serve as the official representative of the Iowa Association of School Librarians to the American Association of School Librarians Affiliate Assembly and Region 3 meetings in accordance with the AASL Affiliate Assembly Policies and Procedures (ALA Annual, ALA Midwinter, and Region III) If the delegate is unable to attend, the President is the first alternate. Otherwise, the President may designate a representative.
  • Solicit from the Board statements of concern and statements of commendation prior to ALA Midwinter.  
  • Present Iowa concerns and commendations to AASL Affiliate Assembly Region 3 Representative by the prescribed deadline.
  • Report regularly to the Board and membership about AASL initiatives.
  • Must be a member of AASL.
  • Participate in ALA Connect communication on a regular basis.
  • Communicate regularly with AASL Staff to ensure state’s information is up-to-date.
  • Be provided by IASL with partial financial support to attend the required AASL meetings. Some out-of-pocket expenses will occur.
  • Attend IASL board meetings as a voting member of the board.

Sound like something you are interested in? You can run for this position this year, or in three years from now! Fill out this form to express interest!